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Tournament size chess set $30
Sat 29 January 2022 - As used in schools and competitions. For more information click here.

Adolf Anderssen- signed hardback
Thu 20 January 2022 - Collector's item published in Australia For more information click here.

Signed chess book $29.95
Sat 15 January 2022 - Top Australian player from the past For more information click here.


Magnetic chess set/draughts $19.95
Tue 11 January 2022 - Ideal for camping/travelling For more information click here.


Top of the range digital chess clock
Sun 9 January 2022 - Featured at the World Championship match For more information click here.


Wijk an Zee- watch a chess tournament
Fri 7 January 2022 - Watch Magnus Carlsen online For more information click here.

History of Chess

History of Chess.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Murray, HJR. Product Code: 0198274033.
Category: HISTORY. Publisher: OUP.
Retail Price: AUD $89.95 (includes GST)
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H. J.R Murray's A HISTORY OF CHESS is considered by all serious chess historians to be the classic work covering the early development and progression of chess. It is a very extensive and scholarly written work. This book is not intended to entertain the reader with "odd, but true" stories or myths about chess. It is an informative guide and reference book for the serious chess historian. The aim of this work is to present as complete a record as is possible of the varieties of chess which exist or have existed in different parts of the world; to investigate the origin of these games; and to trace the development of the game. This was written by Murray in 1913.This version is a hardback with 902 pages. Dimensions 160 x 250 x 58mm, 1,450gThe publisher is Oxbow books an imprint of oxford University Press.

This is the product image for History of Chess. Detail: Murray, HJR. Product ID: 0198274033.
				Price: $89.95.

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Chess Bibliography 1850-1968. Betts, D. $79.95.
Games Alekhine V3 1925-1927. Fiala & Ka. $39.95.

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