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Wooden Chess Set

Wooden Chess Set.
Type: EQUIPMENT. Detail: WOOD_SETS. Product Code: 1899wooden.
Retail Price: AUD $319.95 (includes GST)
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A superb wooden chess set that is bound to impress friends and family. Saving over $30 on the retail price.

The pieces are specifically designed to offer a solid, durable style with the king the tallest piece with a height of 9.5 cm or 3.75 inches.

They are designed with a simple but traditional Staunton style which is the one allowed in school/tournament events. The white pieces are made from light boxwood, and the dark pieces are made from acacia wood.

Each set features a full 32 pieces, with two extra queens added, one white and one black meaning each set has a total of 34 pieces. These pieces are weighted for a more luxurious feel when moving them. Each piece has green felt on the base to enable a smooth movement across the board. For extra detail please see the product code 18992758.

A high quality chessboard, featuring Mahogany and Sycamore veneers. The algebraic coordinates, the numbers and letter have been silk screened on the chessboard with ink cream colour.

Overall Board Dimensions are 55mm squares board: 550mm x 550mm x 15mmBoth the playing face of the chessboard and the reverse are manufactured with high quality veneers and a special finish. The back of the board has 4 small green felt parts so it rests nicely on a surface. For more details please see the product code 1899woodmahco.

Finally, An Australian made pine box to house your chess pieces. It has a light walnut colour. The internal measurements are 210 x 140 x 80 mm. Product code BoxA.

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This is the product image for Wooden Chess Set. Detail: WOOD_SETS. Product ID: 1899wooden.
				Price: $319.95.

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