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Tournament size chess set $30
Sat 21 May 2022 - As used in schools and competitions. For more information click here.

Book signed by a chess legend.
Mon 2 May 2022 - Hardback, limited edition $99.95 For more information click here.


Large Demonstration board
Sun 1 May 2022 - Essential for teachers and coaches For more information click here.

School/club digital chess clock
Fri 29 April 2022 - Top quality with absolute simplicity -$59.95 For more information click here.


Latest Book Reviews
Tue 26 April 2022 - What is new in chess products For more information click here.

Autographed book $29.95
Mon 25 April 2022 - Famous Australian player from the 1980/90s For more information click here.


Off the Board Chess

Off the Board Chess.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Smith, A. Product Code: 9781527285729.
Category: PLAYERS. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $59.95 (includes GST)
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Signed edition! The Best Games Chess Experiences of London based FM Andrew Smith Large Hardback.Andrew Smith foreword The idea to write a book only occurred to me during my travels when I found myself lounging about on isolated beaches in the south Pacific, when I was sometimes the only 'western' traveller.My idea was to recall and recount the stories surrounding some of the games I had played and then find the 'score' of the actual game when I returned to the UK.As a result, nearly all of the games illustrated in this book date back to before 2002, although there are a few examples of more recent games when, for whatever reason, a space appeared.I briefly annotated most of the games without reference to a computer program, to reflect my thoughts during the game, so there are inevitably lots of errors in the analysis.My Chess games come with a health warning! Most ideas and analysis are, at best, speculative, and at worse totally unsound! But so what that is the nature of a sporting encounter.In my prime, I briefly achieved a FIDE rating status above ELO 2300, allowing me to be awarded the title of FIDE Master (FM), which fortunately lasts for a lifetime because I have never returned to that rating level!Please note, this book is printed in a large A4 hardback size. 415 pages. Weight, 1.35kg.

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This is the product image for Off the Board Chess. Detail: Smith, A. Product ID: 9781527285729.
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