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Terrey Shaw -published in Australia 2021
Fri 8 October 2021 - Rare, signed first edition For more information click here.


My First Chess Set
Mon 4 October 2021 - A chess set for people new to the game For more information click here.


Scorebook to write your moves
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Opening Repertoire book for 1 e4
Wed 29 September 2021 - Grandmaster Gawain Jones's strategy for White For more information click here.


Caruana's Ruy Lopez

Caruana's Ruy Lopez.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Caruana,F. Product Code: 9789056919443.
Category: 1 E4 OPENINGS. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $42.95 (includes GST)
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The Ruy Lopez is arguably the most classic of chess openings and this repertoire book by an elite player will help you to win. White immediately starts the battle for the centre, fighting for the initiative. This strategic clarity has made the Ruy Lopez, or Spanish Opening, an eternal favourite with chess players at all levels. Inevitably, this popularity has also led to a wealth of opening theory. In this book, Fabiano Caruana takes you by the hand and lays out a complete and practical White repertoire for club players. He avoids complicated chaotic lines, but doesnt shy away from sharp battles. Caruana loves to find and use the tactics to punish Black for risky choices. This one volume and crystal clear repertoire covers fifteen main variations, from the classical lines to the anti Marshall (8.a4), and from the Schliemann (3f5) to the Modern Steinitz. In an easy to grasp manner Caruana explains general characteristics, such as permanent weaknesses longterm goals, and is always looking for an advantage for White. The insights of the World number 2 in this classic opening, will not only greatly improve your results in the Ruy Lopez, but also sharpen your general chess knowledge. Inspired by the Caruana ChessBase Series Navigating the Ruy Lopez.Softback, 206 pages, Dimensions 170 x 231mm

This is the product image for Caruana's Ruy Lopez. Detail: Caruana,F. Product ID: 9789056919443.
				Price: $42.95.

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