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Tournament size chess set $30
Sat 22 January 2022 - As used in schools and competitions. For more information click here.

2022- The Year of Chess
Fri 7 January 2022 - New Year Resoulution- Improve Your Chess For more information click here.

Signed chess book $29.95
Wed 5 January 2022 - Top Australian player from the past For more information click here.


Magnetic chess set/draughts $19.95
Tue 4 January 2022 - Ideal for camping/travelling For more information click here.


Top of the range digital chess clock
Mon 3 January 2022 - Featured at the World Championship match For more information click here.


Adolf Anderssen- signed hardback
Sun 2 January 2022 - Collector's item published in Australia For more information click here.


Giant Chess set with Mat

Giant Chess set with Mat.
Type: EQUIPMENT. Detail: OUTDOORS. Product Code: GCC.
Retail Price: AUD $695.00 (includes GST)
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This is the type of outdoor set that you see in town squares, schools and luxury hotels. We have plenty in stock. If you are in NSW, for example we supplied the outdoor set at Hyde Park. The tallest piece the king is 64cm, the pawn is the smallest piece at 42cm and all the bases are 22cm. ALL WEATHER plastic resists heat, cold, and the elements, every piece is EASY to move with small knobstyle tops! Standard and proportional Staunton chess set designed to be most familiar and recognizable by chess players. Polyurethane plastic is tough, durable, and kid proof!Add extra weight if you desire by separating the base of each piece and adding sand. Includes 32 Giant Chess Pieces with Black and White for high visibility. Please note the chess set comes in two large boxes weighing 16 kg each. We are happy to quote postage for these oversize items as we use TNT and not Australia Post.The board is made of nylon and has four tent poles to keep it in position by inserting them in the discreet holes at the edge of the board. It measures 2 metres 65 cm in width and length, while the individual squares measure 31cm.Measurements. King: 64cm (25inches) tall; 1.39kg, Queen: 56cm, 22" tall; 1.36kgKnight: 46cm, 18" tall; 1.12kg, Bishop: 55cm, 21.5" tall; 1.13kg, Rook: 43cm,17" tall; 0.94kgPawn: 42cm, 16.5" tall; 0.83kg.

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This is the product image for Giant Chess set with Mat. Detail: OUTDOORS. Product ID: GCC.
				Price: $695.00.

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