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Maneuvering: The Art of Piece Play

Maneuvering: The Art of Piece Play.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Dvoretsky,M. Product Code: 9781941270370.
Category: MIDDLEGAME. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $34.95 (includes GST)
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Find the Best Squares for Your Pieces! The perfect book to improve your decision making.

To a large extent, the level of any chess players skill depends on his or her ability to discover and evaluate positional operations as quickly and correctly as possible. In this book, premier chess instructor and trainer Mark Dvoretsky examines one of the most important aspects of positional skill, namely the art of playing with pieces, of manoeuvring and finding the best squares for your pieces.

Training your manoeuvring skills will help you at every stage of the game, which is why among the exercises there are opening, middlegame and endgame positions, and not only those that are taken from practical games, but also studies.

The conscientious student, carefully working his or her way through this book, will help improve positional mastery and significantly enhance overall playing skill.

Softback, 212 pages. Dimensions , 15.24 x 1.27 x 20.32 cm

This is the product image for Maneuvering: The Art of Piece Play. Detail: Dvoretsky,M. Product ID: 9781941270370.
				Price: $34.95.

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