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The Complete Chess Swindler

The Complete Chess Swindler.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Smerdon,D. Product Code: 9789056919115.
Category: MIDDLEGAME. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $49.95 (includes GST)
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Chess is a cruel game. We all know that feeling when your position has gone awry and everything seems hopeless.

You feel like resigning. But do not give up!

This is precisely the moment to switch to swindle mode. Master the art of provoking errors and you will be able to turn the tables and escape with a draw or sometimes even steal the full point! Swindling is a skill that can be trained. In this book, David Smerdon shows how you can use tricks from psychology to marshal hidden resources and exploit your opponents biases.

In a lost position, your best practical chance often lies not in what the computer recommends, but in playing your opponent.

With an abundance of eye popping examples and training exercises, Smerdon identifies the four best friends of every chess swindler, your opponents impatience, their hubris, their fear, and their need to stay in control. Youll also learn about such cunning swindling motifs as the Trojan Horse, the decoy trap, the berserk attack, and window ledging. So, come and join the Swindlers Club, become a great escape artist and dramatically improve your results. In this instructive and wildly entertaining guide, Smerdon shows you how.

Softback, 362 pages. Dimensions 170 x 235 x 22.86mm, 680g

This is the product image for The Complete Chess  Swindler. Detail: Smerdon,D. Product ID: 9789056919115.
				Price: $49.95.

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